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Zoning Administrator - Todd Apfel
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Toledo, IA 52342

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Zoning requirements for Tama County
per Chapter 335 Code of Iowa

Ordinance VI#1 - Wind Energy Conversion System

Tama County Zoning Map As of July 2014

Zoning Certificates Required
Zoning Certificate shall be obtained from the Administrative officer before starting or proceeding with the erection, construction, moving; in or the structural alteration of a building or structure.

Accessory buildings shall require a Zoning Certificate if the structure is larger than 120 square feet.

Procedures for Certificates
To secure a certificate, the applicant shall file with the Administrative Officer a written application on forms provided by the Board of Adjustment and shall state the legal description of the property as of public records and the names of the owner and the applicant. The applicant shall Describe the uses to be established or expanded, the proposed cost of the erection, Construction, or structural alteration of the building or structure and any other information The Administrative Officer deems essential for the enforcement of the ordinance. Each application shall be accompanied by a dimensioned drawing of the lot showing the location of the Buildings, dimension of the lot, and other information of importance. All dimensions shown on these on these plans relating to the location and size of the lot to be built upon, shall be based on Actual survey. The lot and the location of the building thereon shall be staked out on the ground before construction is started. Where public sanitary sewers are not available, the application shall include the approval of the Iowa State Department of Health as to plans and Specifications of proposed private sanitary sewerage disposal system when said facilities are of a magnitude as to be subject to the State Department of Health requirements.

Payment of Fees
Fees shall be paid to Tama County at the office of the Zoning Commissioner, 211 W. State Street, Toledo, IA 52342.

Construction Notice
The applicant or his agent shall give the Administrative Officer forty-eight (48) hours notice of the beginning date of construction and the Administrative Officer or his duly authorized representative shall have access to such premises, during construction, for any inspection he deems necessary. No construction shall begin before a Zoning Certificate has been issued and fees, if any, have been paid.

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