Teacher & Family Resources

Explore a collection of conservation-related resources perfect for teachers and families.

Educational Guides, Activities, and Lesson Plans

Iowa’s Nature Series

Iowa DOT Nature Guides

  • DOT Guidebooks- Free Iowa-specific PDF guides on trees & shrubs, plants, soil, and more.

Amphibians and Reptiles

Aquatic Invertebrates and Mussels

Birds - General, Bird Watching

Birds - Live Cams

Please note that once young have fledged, cameras may be turned off

Birds - Migration, Population Surveys, and Monitoring

Birds - Raptors

Birds - Waterfowl

Butterflies, Moths, Pollinators, and Other Insects

Early Childhood Resources

  • KinderNature: Resource for parents and early care and education providers to assist in learning, developing, and implementing a well-balanced environmental education preschool program with developmentally appropriate activities that incorporate a variety of learning styles!
  • 10 Tips for Raising Outdoors-Loving Kids - The Big Outside blog
  • Children & Nature Network: The Children & Nature Network is leading a movement to connect all children, their families, and communities to nature through innovative ideas, evidence-based resources and tools, broad-based collaboration, and support of grassroots leadership.
  • Do Early Outdoor Experiences Help Build Healthier Brains? - Richard Louv, Psychology Today 2/6/13

Endangered, Threatened, and Species of Concern


Geology & Soil

  • Fossils in Iowa from Iowa Geological Survey
  • U.S. Geological Survey: Provides scientific information and resources by grade level about natural resources, natural hazards, geospatial data, and issues that affect our quality of life.
  • Dr. Dirt: These resources have been developed primarily for K-8 teachers and students. Hands-on, exploratory learning activities based on methods of scientific inquiry will encourage interest in science, soil, engineering, agriculture, and natural resources.
  • K-12 Soil Science Teach Resources - Soil Science Society of America
  • Soil Biology - USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Learn about the components of soil.
  • Soil Education: Learn about soil from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Lead Awareness


Outdoor Recreation

Prairies and Prairie Habitat Restoration

Plants and Foraging

Gabrielle Cerberville, AKA "Chaotic Forager": PhD holder that makes short, fun videos showcasing wild plants and their uses.

Alexis Nicole, AKA "The Black Forager": Forager who makes short, fun, and educational videos showcasing different wild edible plants and how to use them.

Suzie Grieve, AKA "foragedfibres": Artist who makes baskets from foraged materials. She shows her drying and weaving process. A very unique plant artist!

Trees and Forests

Water and Water Quality

Weather, Stars, and the Moon

Wetland Protection, Management, and Restoration

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