Kevlar Investment Letters and Errors

posted on 7/7/23

The Tama County Treasurer’s Office was recently made aware of a private company from Appleton, Wis. called Kevlar Investments that have sent land purchase proposal letters to multiple property owners in Tama County. There appear to be several of these letters that where processed with incorrect names associated with incorrect addresses and parcel numbers. Our office has spoken with a representative from Kevlar Investments and they informed us that the issue with the names and addresses was a printing error. At this time, our opinion is that the address and parcel number issues with these letters are not fraudulent in nature. However the Tama County Treasurer’s Office does not have any involvement with the company or the letters that were sent out. An example of one of these letters that was shared with us from a recipient is pictured above for reference. Contact information for Kevlar Investments is 920-249-5145 or

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